reWiring the Ground

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– I have discovered one more thing to do before you build on a trailer bed, for a tiny house or a tiny whatever. You should rewire the trailer lights so that you have good ground throughout and you are not relying only on the ball hitch.

If anyone out there is making a tiny house on a utility trailer bed contact me. I may save you some headaches in the future. http://www.jennifermoller.comself_trailer_sign


Moving Art for Jerusha’s song “atmosphere”


Song and Video “atmosphere”     Click Here to see the video and hear the song.

I feel very honored that Harriet Jerusha Korim invited me to create a video/moving art work for her song, “atmosphere.”

The song “atmosphere” gives a message of optimism but not without a warning that we have to take action in order to change course. So I chose to film clouds that were more stormy and to have the movements be clean and determined but with the underlying complexity of the present day struggle. I am hoping that the visuals are calming in the same way I feel calmed by her song. Her love songs to the earth inspire me to do the “right” thing.

I believe this video work is as much a tribute to Jerusha for the tireless ongoing activism for climate justice along with peace and justice work that she has contributed over many years, as it is a companion to this song.  More thoughts to share but right now I want to share the work.  Enjoy!

2016  Jennifer Moller
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Public Art Talk

I gave a public art talk at the Preservation Hall in Wellfleet last week and enjoyed sharing some early art work. It was difficult editing through more than two decades of making, photo career, experimentation, and so on. Not unlike finding a box of photos in the attic and finding each one has a deep and and interesting story, “to me anyway.”. So, I found the discipline to edit it all down to 30 minutes and found some philosophical threads and interests that started long before graduate school and that I continue to pursue today. I have been interested in Animism and Buddhist/Hindu thought for a long time. For example, I created a photographic series that I exhibited in Santa Fe in the early 90’s that consisted of black and white imagery with text from the Upanishads. This early work is still in Santa Fe so I can’t show it here. At the Preservation Hall talk, I found myself sharing work  from my professional photography life, working as a photojournalist and editorial photographer. Now I am ready to make a longer presentation sharing the fine art work along with current video projects.

The main focus of the art talk was the “pools” series because they were exhibited in the hall and looked wonderful in that space. Thank you Vanessa and Janet!  I am going to post a section of my art statement below. I am thankful to the Cape friends who came out to here me share my art story, a work in progress. It makes me realize that have been at this game for a while now.

Here are some early images I didn’t show and a few “pools” images.

Artist Statement:

These pools were formed at the end of the last ice age, approximately 14,000 – 17,000 years ago as the Laurentide ice shelf retreated and left behind kettle holes to be later filled by rising tides and ground water.

The high tide can rise from sea level (0.0) up to 12.4’ over the course of six hours, and then drain away to sea level again over another six hours. Moon gravity creates the high tides, as water pulls away from the earth toward the moon. On ground, I watch a terrapin turtle emerge from the mud and ancient horseshoe crabs mate on low tide flats in spring. No matter what time of year the sound of the marsh is marked by the high piercing call of the marsh hawk.

I set the camera to film a time-lapse in six-hour intervals as I walk the marsh; in winter I see many dolphin corpses and seagulls too. Their forms are clearly visible, a break of the flat horizon line, mounds of flesh later to be taken by tides, claws and hungry beaks.

My camera is a tool for marking time and five years is a short period in the lives of ancient kettle holes. I am watching this natural interconnectedness and taking it for evidence of how the spiritual world permeates the mundane. The dynamic weather and moving tides contrast with these persistent forms, and this beautiful interplay has moved me to record these pools over the course of many years.

Jennifer Moller

Artist Statement – 2015

Still Imagery – POOLS: Mighty Plenitude

Video Imagery – Tidal Immanence

Drawings at AMP in Provincetown, MA

Jennifer Moller, Jane Edgell and Rebecca Arnoldi at Moller’s Art Market Provincetown opening Friday night. PHOTO ANN WOOD
Jennifer Moller, Jane Edgell and Rebecca Arnoldi at Moller’s Art Market Provincetown opening Friday night. PHOTO ANN WOOD


I am exhibiting some drawings at the AMP gallery in Provincetown. It has been awhile since I showed drawings, simple imagery using simple tools. I showed some of my charcoal and graphite drawings many years ago at the Schoolhouse Gallery. This new work, like most of my drawings, float out from someplace in my unconscious mind.  I try to understand it without controlling it too much; almost as one would act with a wounded bird. Letting it be and simply working hard to be present to what it needs, in the hopes that it may survive.

I enjoy this kind of work but unfortunately I could never bring it up on demand and therefore I am blocked from another potential revenue stream as a professional illustrator. I am very grateful that I can create them, squeezed in between working, teaching, driving, and visiting nursing homes.

My artist friend and mentor Ada Medina writes so beautifully, what I believe to be true, in the introduction to her website: “Art becomes itself when the artist vanishes, for a moment, into fundamental openness.”

Drawings by Jennifer Moller
Drawings by Jennifer Moller