My friend Nora gave me her old Coleman gas powered camping lantern and I have been using a photograph of it as a template for Illustrator tutorials with my Art and Design students at Lowell. I have some wonderful students in my classes right now. We are applying different styles of illustration using Adobe Illustrator. I also use my old Minolta Camera and old technology, in general, can be very inspiring to students. My demos in the class have yet to be finished but it is a lot of fun doing this for educational purposes without the pressure of commercial demands.


dreams and art/geometry.

Good Day!

I am not so consistent on this blog and I am feeling less attracted to posting lately given the issues of free will and dysoptian media control on the horizon.


So, what I wanted to post is that I had a dream recently that I saw a flying geometric thing and when I grabbed it from the sky found a hummingbird trapped inside and it was covered with sticky sweet fluid. I freed the hummingbird! The following morning I dreamt of these human forms and I am working with both of these ideas/forms in a project I teach in Illustrator – a Pattern or Tessellation project using Illustrator.

back_to_Bback_alt  the phrase “no such thing as a free ride.” has been coming to mind. I like the way this image tiles and will post more images when they are further along.




I hung the piece for the “Appearances” festival and I am fortunate that Dorothy found a space that was perfect for the work. I ended up liking this oblique viewing option that requires people to go up to the piece and look to both sides. Here are some photos. I will post the artist statement too as soon as I have refined it. The show opens this Friday at 6:00pm at the FAWC! Here is a facebook link to details about the festival: Appearances: Provincetown Green Arts Festival

It was challenging to find the right location for hanging because although I like the minimalist hanging, still I needed to make sure that the engineering was sufficient to carry the weight. The awkwardness of viewing “alienation” feels right. In a future show, I would like to make some drawings on the walls.

New York

My trip to New York was so much fun! I ran into a very generous man, Louis Mendes as he was photographing people outside of my hotel, he was using my favorite old 4×5 camera, the Speed Graphic. It was later after I left him that I realized that I had met him before, maybe 27 years ago, when I was photographing at the Jacob Javits Center, using in-camera selective diffusion techniques! I can’t wait to send him this early (a little damaged) polaroid along with the quick digital pict I took of him a few days ago.

Another nice moment came when the famous German Shepard named Rumor, and her human escorts came to stay at that very same hotel, The New Yorker. She won Best in Show at Westminster. What a beauty!  More to come. rumor




Socially Redemptive Art, revisiting context.

I am interested in understanding the impulse behind historical art movements. It is not obvious to most that the work below by Piet Mondrian was inspired in large part by the carnage of WWI. Dates – July 28, 1914 – November 11, 1918. As a member of the Dutch De Stijl (The Style) movement Mondrian created: Tableau 2, Yellow, Black Blue, Red, and Gray, 1922 – Oil on canvas, 21 7/8x21 1/8   – among many, many, well known paintings.


DeStijl members believed that rampant individualism as well as nationalist egotism was responsible for WWI. They offered a universal language of geometric abstraction as a salve for Europe’s wounded psyche.*   The old world = Individualism  and The new world = Universalism.


*Graphic Design A New History, Stephen F. Eskilson

WPA and the Mexican Mural Movement

FDR created the WPA through executive order in his first 100 days in office. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was created by Executive Order #7034 on May 6, 1935.  He had the authority for this Executive Order via the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935. Jacob Lawrence worked for the WPA –

I watched two documentaries that were both significant in making the connections between Diego Rivera and the WPA. The first was the PBS documentary “The Life and times of Frida Kahlo” by Amy Stechler  followed by  “Enough to Live on, The Arts of the WPA” a film by Michael Maglaras.

Rivera painted 27 murals between 1932 and 1933.

Here is an image from the Coit tower in San Francisco.


More detail to follow.





art, politics, power and Susan Sontag

I should be working on a presentation about the relationship of political events to art movements for my upcoming class and specifically I am interested in how artists and art activist respond to fascism. Instead I picked up a book by Susan Sontag, Under the Sign of Saturn, (she is one of my favorite critical writers on culture) and read this:

“Like Nietzsche and Wagner, Hitler regarded leadership as sexual mastery of the “feminine” masses, as rape. ….Between sadomasochism and fascism there is a natural link. “Fascism is theater, “ as Genet said.”

I then watched the Pussy Riot video and although I find this video really difficult to watch, they have the connection. They are two very brave women.

The T man is a profiteer who is using theater to fill his pockets and all those who submit and contribute to his campaign will also get some bulges.

Back to my presentation- yes it all relates.

John Heartfeld’s photo- montage of politician Hitler. The money behind the man, who were the people who gave him money? Hitler is the mouth piece. A good questions to ask now is, who is lining their pockets from hate speech? The first rule of journalism- follow the money.