Residency Finished

I have a lot to say about this last month spent in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am left with such positive feelings about the place and its incredibly friendly people. It was so wonderful to step outside my own guardedness and guarded culture and turn toward an open one. The trip was life-changing in this way and it opened me to the possibility of people being more contactful and real with one another. I was noticing the lack of stress on the faces of people in Nova Scotia. Of course, there is stress but the culture I experienced was a happier and more humane one than the culture of New England. I am trying as a result of this experience to be more Рmore human Рmore contactful Рmore me.  Here are a few photos of the over 1,700. digital and four rolls of color transparency that I created while I was there. I also made thirteen drawings which are still in progress. I am feeling so grateful for this time away. Eagles flying and fresh clean spring water on tap to collect when needed. Abundance and Joy! I Love it.




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