Socially Redemptive Art, revisiting context.

I am interested in understanding the impulse behind historical art movements. It is not obvious to most that the work below by Piet Mondrian was inspired in large part by the carnage of WWI. Dates – July 28, 1914 – November 11, 1918. As a member of the Dutch De Stijl (The Style) movement Mondrian created: Tableau 2, Yellow, Black Blue, Red, and Gray, 1922 – Oil on canvas, 21 7/8x21 1/8   – among many, many, well known paintings.


DeStijl members believed that rampant individualism as well as nationalist egotism was responsible for WWI. They offered a universal language of geometric abstraction as a salve for Europe’s wounded psyche.*   The old world = Individualism  and The new world = Universalism.


*Graphic Design A New History, Stephen F. Eskilson


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