art, politics, power and Susan Sontag

I should be working on a presentation about the relationship of political events to art movements for my upcoming class and specifically I am interested in how artists and art activist respond to fascism. Instead I picked up a book by Susan Sontag, Under the Sign of Saturn, (she is one of my favorite critical writers on culture) and read this:

“Like Nietzsche and Wagner, Hitler regarded leadership as sexual mastery of the “feminine” masses, as rape. ….Between sadomasochism and fascism there is a natural link. “Fascism is theater, “ as Genet said.”

I then watched the Pussy Riot video and although I find this video really difficult to watch, they have the connection. They are two very brave women.

The T man is a profiteer who is using theater to fill his pockets and all those who submit and contribute to his campaign will also get some bulges.

Back to my presentation- yes it all relates.

John Heartfeld’s photo- montage of politician Hitler. The money behind the man, who were the people who gave him money? Hitler is the mouth piece. A good questions to ask now is, who is lining their pockets from hate speech? The first rule of journalism- follow the money.



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